New York Business Xpo was excellent!

Today, the New York Business Expo was held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. This event provided small business owners and marketing professionals the ability to catch up on the latest news happening in social media, search engine optimization strategies and email marketing. Presenters included speakers from Constant Contact, Message Medium and CoCommunications. The Constant Contact panel gave participants the ability to learn about how social media and email marketing can work together to expand your audience. They also gave tips on how much you should write in your posts on social media and provided suggestions on how and when emails should be sent. The Search Engine Optimization workshop was presented by Maisha Walker who is the President and Founder of Message Medium which is a company that provides courses in online marketing including social media and search engine optimization. Maisha Walker also writes articles on Inc. Magazine which covers topics related to online marketing. 

The events were informative and allowed me the opportunity to stay up to date with social media and search engine optimization strategies.  The best part about the New York Business Xpo is that we got tons of freebies like bags, pens and even earphones from some of the exhibitors.


GTA V Online goes live tomorrow

GTA V Online goes live tomorrow. For those of us who have waited since the day we got our Grand Theft Auto 5 games, the wait is over come October 1, 2013 which is tomorrow. So here's some information to know:

  • Money will not be carried over from single player. 
  • Cash will have to be earned from scratch. If time is a concern, no worries. You can purchase cash in the game store for weapons, cars, clothes, etc.
  • You will be able to get together with your crew to do heists or just explore the city of Los Santos and enjoy the scenery :)

Looking forward to getting on there tomorrow with my crew and this is going to be fun. We're going to have some fun doing some crazy stunts and causing some mayhem together like the old days of America's Army lol. :D


Facebook Marketing seminar

Just wrapped up my conference call with Facebook Client Manager, Brian Farnsworth. Appreciate the late day presentation as he was providing the presentation for me and my boss at the Stepfamily Foundation, Dr. Jeannette Lofas. He gave us a crash course on Facebook Ad marketing and was working on a plan to assist us with promoting the Stepfamily Foundation Facebook Page .

We're working on creating a budget to promote the services offered by the Stepfamily Foundation. This will help generate some traffic to both the Facebook site and also the Stepfamily Foundation website. I also had to create a privacy policy page as well to comply with Facebook's recommendations when we are integrating social media with the website. You can also get a free privacy policy template as well.