Verizon Fios Referral and Review

Hello everyone,  I've been a long time Verizon customer and have to say that Verizon Fios is pretty decent compared to others in my area. I also enjoy the fast internet speed and the ability to have 50 Mbps download speed and 25 Mbps upload which allows me to watch my favorite TV shows on demand without lagging up the connection. The nice thing about Verizon is that each time you refer someone to their service, you can qualify for gift cards. 

For anyone wanting to sign up to Verizon Fios, please use my referral code here: 

 VZN2013 . 

You can sign up for the service on Verizon's Share Network.  After you sign up for your service, you can also sign up for the referral program and create your own referral code as well on Verizon's Share Network.

Good luck  and see ya'll next time :D