Law and Order SVU bids farewell to Captain Donald Cragen, GTA Online Patch

  • Rockstar released an update this week to combat cheaters in GTA Online who use exploits to gain money. Specificallly for modded lobbies where players who enter a modified lobby can walk away with millions of dollars in cash. This is what Rockstar termed as "counterfeit" cash. This affects the in game economy and as a result, the new patch will remove any money earned from a modded lobby.
  • Law & Order: SVU latest episode "Amaro's One Eighty" also marked the 400th episode of the series. This also marked the end of Capt. Donald Cragen played by actor Dann Florek. It was a bittersweet ceremony as we see another original Law & Order cast member leave the show. Capt. Cragen announced his retirement in the episode.