Earlier in February 2014, I was diagnosed with Gout after coming down with severe foot pain on my right toe. It was a very painful experience. Having to go to the emergency room at NY Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, the staff there were great and friendly. Had X-rays done and once the doctor gave me my diagnoses, I accepted it and coped with it. This was not the first time it happened. Last year around the same time in February, I got diagnosed with it and had to take medication. I was in denial for awhile but having to have spoken to a friend and colleague about the condition, he made me aware of some life changes I have to make to be healthier again.

What caused the Gout in the first place was having a sudden change in uric acid levels. This could happen from alcohol consumption, eating food with high purine (high protein content) such as beef, seafood and some vegetables. Best way to avoid the symptoms from repeating again is to limit or avoid some of these foods all together.

One thing I had to give up as a result was alcohol. As much as it's a past time favorite to relax and kick back, watch a tv show or enjoy with friends and family, I have to give that up right away as it was after consuming it that caused the spike in uric acid levels. Doctor also recommended it as well as this was the cause of the sudden jump. Plus slow metabolism was another cause of it as my body could not break down the content as quickly as it once did.

I also found positivity out of all this. I can enjoy Curry still which helps cleanse the system and fight off inflammation. My friend Dan also suggested I try the Greens from It Works!. This also helped as it balances out the acidity level in my blood which again was caused by high uric acid. Overall this was the reason why I was away for awhile between recovering, trying to be able to walk again without the assistance of a cane and trying to get life back to normal as possible.

Hope this story can help someone who may be going through something similar.