Microcenter saves my day with a better and new PC build

Years ago, I wished there was a Microcenter in Brooklyn, NY or Queens, NY at least. This wish finally came true as of recently when both locations were open in March 2014. In the past I use to shop at CompUSA to pick up my computer parts from the early 2000's until they closed down. For a decade I didn't step foot into a computer store again because there were none near my area. Bestbuy came close but didn't offer many choices. With Microcenter finally being in my area, I am able to go back to the store again, take a look at the PC parts in person and ask questions to the sales reps. The sales reps are great and want to help you find the best product for any budget you specify. The added bonus is I don't have to wait several days for my items to arrive and if something is defective, I can return to the store same day just like I use to do with CompUSA.

Now as far as my new build goes, below are my parts:

Overall, the build cost me about $1300. It was worth the investment because I am planning on having this system around for the next decade with only a few upgrades here and there in between. The last build I had lasted 7 years. I use my computer for web design, content updates, podcasting, video editing, and during my down time, I use it for gaming. This build will allow me to do all that and I also want a system to last me more than 5 years this time around. Definitely hoping that it goes beyond that point like the build I put together for my wife a few years ago.

Below are the pictures of the new case and after the build was put together:

Video Below: