After 5 years of waiting, got my tickets for The View

After waiting 5 years on the waiting list, I was able to receive my two tickets for the live taping of The View.  Although, I didn't get to make it in time for Barbara Walter's retirement, I was able to finally see Jenny McCarthy and Whoopi Goldberg, two fellow scorpios and two of my favorite actresses. The staff at The View were awesome as well. When the audience entered the studio, we were provided a bag of chips and apple juice.

Today's guest included Nick Gannon, Katherine Schwarzenegger (daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver). Katherine promoted her book,  I JUST GRADUATED....NOW WHAT?: HONEST ANSWERS FROM THOSE WWHO HAVE BEEN THERE. The audience received a free copy and it was just perfect timing because my wife and I were looking for the book too.  After leaving the show, we were presented with tickets for Katie Couric's tv show for next Tuesday. Overall, today's show was worth the wait.