The meaning of Adele's - Hello

I was listening to Adele's song - Hello. The song was so catchy that several people on Youtube created cover songs. Below is one of the songs I've enjoyed on Youtube from a band called TeraBrite.

I definitely enjoyed the lyrics and did a search on Google to find out what the meaning behind the song was. It turns out, the song was about Adele reconnecting with herself. This song is very beautiful with its melody and baselines. I also enjoyed Jonathan Young's version as well.

After reading an article from Music.Mic, the song makes sense as it was about how Adele reconnected with herself after stepping out of the spotlight for awhile. The song is powerful and moving. You can feel her emotions especially during the chorus.

Overall, I think this song is powerful one as we can all relate to it to some degree. Sometimes we find ourselves lost and we need to reconnect with who we are. This song is a perfect reminder of that for anyone who lost their way and needed some sort of light to guide them back to being themselves again after going through some sort of bad event in their life and trying to get back on their feet again.