GTA 5 online, and Apple iPad Air, Apple Mavericks released

Good afternoon on this Friday afternoon everyone this has been one interesting week and below are some points I will be covering on my radio show for the week
  • GTA 5 Online $500,000 stimulus package pushed back another week to go with the next title update - Looks like Rockstar Games is pushing back to $250,000 stimulus package another week to coincide with the next title update which will include: The Beach Bum Pack, Content Creator, Social Club Weekends. More information relating to the title update next week and the GTA Online Stimulus package can be found on the Rockstar Newswire blog.

  • Apple releases the iPad Air  - Earlier this week, Apple released the 5th generation of its iPad lineup with the iPad Air. This is based on the iPad mini design but with a bigger screen. This week has been interesting. With release of Apple's iPad Air.  Steve Wozniak, Apple's co-founder said he will not buy the Apple iPad Air because of the fact that his internet connection will not allow him to stream online. He also wished they had more storage space like a 256GB hard drive. Overall, the iPad air will be thinner than its predecessors. It'll be 0.29 inches (7.5 mm) thick. It'll also have the retina display, but no finger print scanner like iPhone 5S.,  More information on the tech specs can be found on the iPad Air specs page.

  • Apple also released its latest operating system update called Mavericks. One nice feature about Mavericks is that you now have longer battery life  as mentioned on Wired magazine. The upgrade is also free. The file size is about 5GB. Other features included are iBooks and Maps.

  • Rocksmith 2014 is out now!! Go get it!! Learn to play guitar and bass and download your favorite songs :)  The bundle for the cable and game is $79.99 for the Xbox 360, and the guitar bundle which includes the guitar, game and cable is $199.99. The game without anything goes for $59.99. You can also use the guitar cable from the previous Rocksmith game with Rocksmith 2014. It's the same cable :).