WWE 2K14 shipped this week

WWE 2K14 was shipped this past Tuesday, October 29, 2013. I got Phenom collector's edition where the game comes in a tin coffin like case with The Undertaker's logo. Inside the case are the WWE 2K14 game, DVD featuring Wrestlemania moments, controller sticker with The Undertaker, and an autographed photo of The Undertaker. The game is available on the PS 3 and Xbox 360. The standard edition costs $59.99 and the Phenom edition costs $99.99. This was a preorder only item as supplies are limited. The game has a 30 years of Wrestlemania feature which is awesome. It allows you to relive the Wrestlemania moments of the last 30 years as Hulk Hogan, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, The Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels and many more. Definitely an improvement with less glitches. 2K definitely did a great job at improving the game since the THQ days. However, one thing I was hoping for was Goldust and the Uso's to be available so I can create the tag teams. But overall, the game is still awesome and definitely worth the wait. Looking forward to more downloadable content coming soon. On the plus side, the Shield is available as a team and you get to create your own championship belts finally.