GTA Online Cash packs available

Last week, Rockstar Games delivered the $500,000 in GTA Stimulus money to players who have experienced issues back in October for launch of GTA Online. Delivery was as promised. Along with the stimulus was the ability to purchase in game money as well to buy upgrades for vehicles, new clothes, new vehicles, new weapons. Of course, those items will also have to be unlocked before purchase. Excellent work Rockstar! Now we can get that garage and that house we wanted for our characters. With the addition of the cash packs available in the Online Store for GTA Online, you can purchase $100,000 in GTA$ for $2.99 to $1,250,000 GTA$ for $20.00

I purchased the 10 car garage and apartment combo as seen in this GTA Online Youtube video from GTA Series along with 2 sports cars for races. Have fun guys and hope to see ya'll in game soon.