GTA Online Beach Bum Update available now

GTA Online Beach Bum Update is available now for free download. New missions, weapons and jobs will be available with the download. New weapons include the SNS Pistol and Broken Bottle melee weapon. So get your download now folks and have some fun time. Also coming soon will be a new story mode update as well to continue the story line of our favorite characters from GTA V. 

Few things to note here during this latest patch update are for those who used exploits to get vehicles, those vehicles have been removed. Also changes that took place are the following:

  • Lester now removes wanted levels based on per star at a cost of $200 each star. So if you have let's say 5 star wanted level, it'll cost you $1000.
  • Pegasus cost to deliver vehicles have now been reduced from $1000 to $200.

More information regarding the latest patch and updates to GTA Online can be found on Rockstar Games Newswire