GTA Online Content Creator Update and Doctor Who Christmas Special

  • GTA Online Update: Rockstar released another GTA Online Update featuring Deathmatch and Race Creator Beta. This will allow players to create their own deathmatches and races. Coming up in 2014, the long awaited Heists downloadable content will also be available as well.
  • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and Christmas Special "Time Of The Doctor" Trailer:  Doctor who celebrated its 50th anniversary on November 23, 2013 with a simulcasted event airing the episode over several countries. Prior to the airing of the show, a mini episode was made available on the internet featuring Paul Mcgann as the 8th Doctor in the Night Of The Doctor video on Youtube from BBC. On December 25, 2013, Christmas Day will mark the return of Doctor Who with Matt Smith making his final appearance as the 11th Doctor and we'll see Peter Capaldi get introduced as the 12th Doctor. Only a few weeks away looking forward to it. The trailer is also available now for the "Time Of The Doctor" on BBC's website.