GTA Online Karin Sultan RS from GTA 4

In GTA 4, the Sultan RS was a hidden vehicle online. It was fun to drive around with its excellent handling and speed. It's also going to be one of the preferred vehicles in use once the Heists become available in GTA Online. I was looking over the internet on how to get the vehicle after someone in my Xbox Live Party showed me their vehicle. Perfect vehicle for 4 people. I found the Karin Sultan RS video on Youtube. After looking around for awhile, I was able to locate it. The first time I located the Karin Sultan, the vehicle spawned in the desert. It'll resemble my starter vehicle, the Karin Asterope minus the sunroof. Once you take the vehicle to LS Customs and modify the car with the roll cage, spoilers, hood, etc., the vehicle will become the Karin Sultan RS. Looking forward to the next patch and hopefully Rockstar can allow us to make money on races again like we use to.