Doctor Who celebrated its 50th anniversary this weekend

This past weekend, Doctor Who celebrated its 50th anniversary  with a special episode with 3 doctors: John Hurt as the War Doctor, David Tennant reprising his role of the 10th doctor and Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor. I won't give away too much info about the episode because it is that damn good! The episode was also simulcasted across several countries which broke a world's record as being the most viewed event in history. It's worth watching if you have DVR'd the show and missed it. It's also in select theaters today in 3D.  Prior to the airing of the 50th anniversary special on BBC America, Paul McGann, the 8th Doctor was part of a mini episode on Youtube. The web episode was called "The Night Of The Doctor". In this mini episode, we see the 8th doctor take an elixir which regenerates him into the War Doctor (John Hurt's Doctor).  Enjoy the mini episode :)

The video of the Night Of The Doctor can be viewed below from Youtube: